Monday, April 14, 2014

blessed sunday

it was a lovely weekend.

friday afternoon i snuggled up with this girl.
 hoping for a nap.
she wouldn't hear of it.
why don't these little people understand the goodness that is a nap? 

be still my heart.
wearing daddy's hat which was so big the wind blew it off numerous times and sent him chasing it down the sidewalk.
i love this boy. 
dirt mustache and all. 

uncle chris and grandpa scott came for dinner.
one of them rode their motorcycle. 

asher could talk of nothing else. 
please let me ride. 
i ride your motorcycle. 
mama said no. 

saturday was launder the linens day.
abby took this to mean that jumping on the bed was perfectly acceptable.
also, the fact that i took pictures instead of telling her to stop.
she was having such a ball that she decided. . .
"Daddy should sleep with Bubba and you should sleep with me and this could just be our play bed!!"
daddy definitely won't go for that.

popcorn and a movie turned in to popcorn and a nap.
for asher.

sunday we went to get some trees.
the littles and i picked out our favorite flowers while daddy did all the heavy lifting.

we also chased some butterflies.

and almost caught one.


abby read to us on the way home.
i can't believe she is already reading.
i also can't believe she is reading while in the car.
that makes me sick just thinking about it.

there was also a baby shower for a sweet friend.
some painting and furniture moving.
and lots of family time.

how's that for a blessed sunday?

Friday, April 11, 2014

ten on ten

he fell down immediately after this picture was taken.
real tears.
two band aids.
lots of kisses.
all better.

this little boy has stole the heart of my five year old daughter.
i have heard her wonder what he will think of her hair before leaving for school.
yesterday they held hands during bible class.
which i was teaching.
perhaps i should wear my glasses for more than driving.

lesson for today.

preaching to myself.
love it when you can take a verse and use it for different things going on in your life.

sandals at school.
i was trying to eat my lunch when this happened.

abby: i'm just going to count how many pictures i'm in.

i laughed.
i choked.
then i hurried to take a picture for instagram with the following hashtags.
#humblewhat  #likemotherlikedaughter


welcome to my house.
and my afternoon.
the best time to clean a room is when the owner of said room is away.
and to be clear, this is not what the room looked like when i found it.
this was the middle of the project.
i cleaned out his closet, under his bed, his shelf and desk.
and apparently threw it in the middle of the room.
i know you can't tell, but those are organized piles.
i promise.
it looks so much better now.

and when aidan comes home i will tell him two things...
1. trash goes in a trash can. not under your bed, stuffed in drawers/closets/shelves. ahem.
2. you made some other kids super happy by sharing what you had. yay, you!
abby's contribution.
while i was cleaning bubba's room for hours.
many hours.
she was taking photos of olivia.
many photos.
thanks, boo.

we were playing our nightly game of high/low at dinner.
except that our game is high/high/low.
abby decided long ago that we needed two good things.

adam: my low is that i have to do work in the backyard.
well that's not true. that's actually a third high because i love to do yard work. so i guess i don't have a low.

teaching abby to play this classic.
she wasn't winning.
and she wasn't happy.

ten on ten. 

Monday, March 3, 2014


bubba turned eleven this weekend.
which seems impossible.
because i only had him yesterday.
well, i remember it like it was yesterday.

i remember the doctor saying "you're having a baby today".
(even if he was a day early.)
i remember my family and friends being there.
for seventeen hours.
i remember when his dad had to go down to the emergency room while i was in labor because he was sick and getting sicker by the minute.
i remember that his heartbeat was dropping with every contraction.
i remember they tried the forceps and the vacuum each three times.
i remember when the nurse started removing my jewelry.
i remember being ok with a c-section because at that point i was so ready to be done.
i remember the doctor saying "it's a boy."
and i said, "it's a what?!!?"
i remember hearing his first cry.
and crying.
i remember all the dark hair.
all. over. his. body.
i remember holding him for the first time and thinking life would never be the same.
and i was right.

this kid has made my life a million and one times better.
i know that God sent me him even when i thought i wanted a girl.
what did i know.
what i know now is that he is amazing.
he is funny.
he tells incredible stories.
he is smart.
and kind.
he is sensitive.
he is people pleaser.
he is handsome.
he is an athlete.
and a dancer.
he loves his family.
and cheesecake.
he sings loudly.
and only a little off key.
i pretty much adore him.
can you tell?

happy double digit, same digit birthday, bubba.
i love to see you smile.
you are a blessing.
to me.
and the world.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

appendix schmappendix

so, i had my appendix out.
in the middle of the night.
after twenty two hours of pain.
six that i tossed and turned.
four that i worked before my sister sent me home.
six that i was curled up in the fetal position thinking i was close to death. 

three with my dad at the urgent care before the shot of morphine.
and three at the emergency room before they took that hateful, little sucker out.

that beautiful table is from my follow up appointment.
there are no photos from farewell appendix day.
because, as i said, i thought i was dying.

but if there were it would be of this. . .

the male nurse at urgent care when i didn't warn him that i am a little jumpy and he left a needle full of morphine 
stuck in my, um. . . hip.

the front desk girl at the emergency room who asked us three different times if we had any concealed weapons. 
apparently my pain face is a dangerous one. 

me cuddled up next to adam in the hospital bed when it was all too much and i just needed to feel like everything was going to be ok. 

the space ship.
aka the cat scan machine. 
and if the handsome man who helped me happened to be in it that would be ok. 

the sweet pre op nurse, celia who was from west virginia.
she was incredible and made me feel better with her all too familiar drawl. 

and last but not least, carol. 
she was my recovery nurse through the night. 
she took the most amazing care of me.
and adam too.
we talked about our kids, church and how adam and i met. 
i hated when her shift was over. 

the next few days were full of this. 
the medicine they sent home was good stuff. 
knocked me out almost instantly. 
adam didn't think it was as funny as i did when i fell asleep while he was still talking. 
hee hee.

(i'm not sure who took this photo. it was in the middle of abby selfies so all clues point to her.)

through it all i felt completely loved. 
God watched over me and gave me incredible doctors and nurses.
they caught it just in time before it ruptured. 
my family did so much. . . 
keeping my bebes over night and loving them for me.
taking them to and from school. 
my sister even packed lunches for abby.
the best. right?
my girlfriends brought me dinner every night for a week. 
i got get well cards and messages. 
 friends checked on my every day to see if we needed anything. 
even if it was just a giggle. 
so loved.

and of course my mom.
she went above and beyond.
like always.
she took care of my bebes. 
she cleaned my house. 
she helped abby make cupcakes for her valentines party.
she made the world go 'round when i couldn't. 

these are the days you count your blessings.
 and mine are many.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


abby mae lost her first tooth.
she found it was loose on her birthday during chapel.
then she cried.
i guess it would be scary.
a wiggly tooth. 

when they have never wiggled before. 

in related news. . . 
my teeth are moving. 
i can feel that they are in a different place than they used to be.
the dentist said he could give me braces.
adult braces.
a gentle no thank you?
i go in soon to see other options. 
wish me luck. 
and before you get your feelings hurt about the adult braces comment. 
my husband had adult braces. 
what person decides to get braces two months before their wedding. 
come on. 
rant over. 

back to abby and the sad, loose tooth. 
she refused to eat anything of substance for about three meals. 
then hunger won out and she had to consume real food. 
she would show everyone she came in contact with that it would wiggle. 
which really means she put her finger in front of it and smiled this awkward smile. 
then i would have to explain to family, friends and strangers that she had her first loose tooth. 

fast forward four days. 
it was barely hanging on. 
daddy tried the "tie dental floss" around it trick. 
no dice. 
i finally just told her i was going to check it and pulled it right out. 
i barely had to touch it. 
she was super excited for the tooth fairy to come. 
although she was worried about the cat sleeping on her bed.
what if olivia tries to eat the fairy?
i tried to assure her that cats do not eat fairies. 
then i think i broke her heart when i told her that olivia sleeps with her only until i go to bed.
then she sleeps on my back. 
i know. 

plus i had bigger problems. 
all i had in my purse was kohl's cash. 
and i'm pretty sure that the tooth fairy doesn't leave that under pillows.  
luckily adam found a random dollar bill and the day was saved. 

you should have seen her face at five the next morning. 
she was holding a dollar with a big toothless grin.

 so naturally, 
celebration frozen yogurt was in order. 
i got blackberry and cake batter.
adam got blackberry and cake batter.
told you we were soul mates.

fro-yo soul mates. 

asher had chocolate.
with oreo cookies.
then he got cozy.

two days later. . .
asher knocked out her other tooth.
with his fist.
there was blood.
there were tears.
and there was no tooth.
the tears got bigger.
and louder.
because the tooth fairy cannot come if there. is. no. tooth.
 i thought she might use her fists on her little brother.
it was a search and rescue mission. 

i finally found the tiny thing on the couch.
that was close asher.

 the tooth fairy came.
and used the same dollar she used two days before.
and no one was the wiser.

i've got to get my hands on some dolla dolla bills, y'all.

Monday, January 27, 2014


birthday eve adventure.
the night before abby turned five years old i snuck her out of the house in her jams.
it was waaaay past her bedtime.
but we had somewhere important to be.
my sweet sister in law was having a baby.
we thought that the two girls might share a birthday and i wanted her to be there for that.
best birthday gift ever.

i sent my sweet emily this photo of us that said. . .
"ok, your biggest chearleaders are here. go ahead and have that baby."
and i don't want to take credit where credit isn't due.
but. . .
she had her twenty nine minutes later.
i mean, come on.
that has to mean something.

so my sweet niece was born at 10:23pm.
on abby's birthday eve.
happy birthday baby madilyn.

the next day abby woke up sleepy but excited.

as tradition states she and i got to go do fun things of her choice.

i thought we were going to get her ears pierced but she decided against it.
we got clip on earrings instead.
dodged that bullet.

 we did go to build a bear.
she is shaking the heart that goes in the bear to make sure it has lots of energy. 

her new friend.
candy hearts.
that smile.
i love it.  

and we went to dinner.
 they sang to her.
happy girl.  

home for dessert.
she wanted ice cream floats for her birthday, but you can't put a candle in that so i got a tiny little strawberry cake.
we sang to her and she actually blew out her candles this year. 

not like last year.
she is growing up, that girl of mine. 
i think five is going to be a good year, boo. 
love you sooooo.

Friday, January 24, 2014

where've you been all my life

 i have been missing for a while. 
i'm back. 

here is what has been going on.

been spending time at the farm.
which is pretty much the only other place i've been.
winter turns me in to a homebody.
it's just. so. cold.
which is why i had to send this to my sweet friend.
i should warn people.
this happens to me every winter.
i'm just going to make cards to hand out.
 they will say. . .
"i'll see you in the spring!"

reading books.
and somehow the christmas ones didn't get packed away with the christmas stuff so we are reading things like. . .
twelve pirates of christmas

bubba showed up at our backdoor one saturday.
best surprise ever.
best part of living close.

these two are still best friends.
makes my heart the happiest.
ps. that's not a filter its the sun.

used my tub for the first time.
at least for the five minutes i was in there.
it was about that time that adam busted through the door
"sorry, to ruin your zen moment, babe. . .
but you gotta get out!"

um, what?
it was leaking through the downstairs ceiling on my dining table.
super awesome.

this is why we didn't buy an old fixer-upper.
aid had his ten year check up.
all was well.
these two played nice.
long enough for this photo.

lots of snuggling going on.
i'm good with that.

one night they thought it was a good plan to sleep in the same bed.
yeah, that lasted about four minutes.
asher thinks bed time is silly and useless.
which is also the way he feels about waking up in the morning for school.

we also have had our share of the nasty winter bug.
everyone has had it but asher.
he likes to take care of whoever is sick.
be still my heart.

that is the short version of the last