Friday, June 13, 2014


asher had to go to an ear, nose and throat specialist.
the wait was exceptionally long that day. 
like over an hour long. 
at nap time. 
and i made adam come with me so i didn't forget anything the doctor said. 
so i had two boys that were getting restless. 
i was trying to keep asher awake and somewhat happy.
he made it.

while we were in the waiting room an elderly lady came in for her first appointment. 
she was bent over completing the papers given to her.
maybe slumped is a better word. 
asher was convinced she was asleep. 
and he began to tell us.
over and over. 
then he started snoring noises to demonstrate.
in case we were somehow confused about what sleeping was .  
but she most definitely was not sleeping.
and i'm trying not to laugh.
but it was not working. 
so asher started laughing.
and still snoring. 
that nurse saved us all when she called his name.  

asher met the doctor and then this happened. . . 

do you have a brudder?
i do.
him name bubba.
do you have a sissy?
i do.
her name abby.
i'm two.
do you want hear my heart?
i go school.
is that scooter? 

can i ride?

(the doctor had recently had surgery and was on a rolling thing to help him walk and asher wanted a turn.)

the doctor could barely get a word in.
turns out they don't do anything until he is three so we have to go back this summer if the problems still persist.

we are hoping he grows out of it. 

next time i'll get the first appointment of the day. 

no waiting. 
and hopefully no napping ladies. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014


oh, hey.

just having a little lunch.

with my mama.

and her glasses. 

meanwhile on the other side of the table these two boys demolished a ten pack of tacos.

good job, daddy

abby woke up from her nap to a surprise from daddy. 
a new bike!!
the tire popped on her old hand me down bicycle last week.
it was loved out. 

she went up and down the sidewalk a million times.
she smiled from ear to ear and giggled the whole time.

thank you, daddy!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

blessed sunday

so i stepped on a nail last week.
i know, right?
had to soak my foot twice a day.
this usually turned in to a party with my foot and at least two other little, tiny bebe feet.

friday night lights.
a beautiful end to what was a most lovely day.
not like a find a pot of gold day.
but a million little, perfect things that made the day the kind of day where your cheeks hurt from smiling.
so thankful.

saturday morning found this boy asleep in the middle of his room.

and this little boy brought me flowers.
it was his birthday.
i love his heart.

speaking of love. . .
 cheat day.
i love.

my dad.
still teaching me things.
double love.

made two pies for my dad's birthday.
he wanted coconut.
i wanted this.

happy birthday to you, dad.
it was a wonderful afternoon on the farm.

you know what else i love?
walking across the street and buying farm fresh eggs from my neighbor.

monday morning.
color me jealous.

what a blessed week.
what were your blessings?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

thankful for sunshine

took the kids to the park one evening. 
the sun was out but it was still pretty chilly. 
after months of being inside it felt delightful.

"sit down with me."

anytime, little man. 

sissy was rolling down the hill.

so asher needed to try. 

he didn't understand to roll down the hill.

that's sideways.

trying to figure it out.  

maybe if i start way up here. 

not so much.
we'll keep working on it.
thankful for sunshine. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

blessed sunday

easter weekend

friday night tenebrae service at church.
so powerful.

beyond thankful for the sacrifice our God made for us.
the greatest gift of all.
when we least deserve it.

saturday was spent preparing food for easter.

our school auction is this week.
my class is doing a garden basket.
adam built this potting bench for it.
that guy.
he is amazing.
tradition time.

we went to our church and the church we grew up in for services sunday morning.
this apparently was too much for the man.

my bebes in their sunday best.

my sister filled one hundred eggs for the kids to hunt on the farm.
she is the best.
i bought twelve and forgot them at home.
what would i do without her?

He is not here. He has risen, just as he said.
matthew 28:6

blessed indeed.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

blessed sunday

it was a lovely weekend.

friday afternoon i snuggled up with this girl.
 hoping for a nap.
she wouldn't hear of it.
why don't these little people understand the goodness that is a nap? 

be still my heart.
wearing daddy's hat which was so big the wind blew it off numerous times and sent him chasing it down the sidewalk.
i love this boy. 
dirt mustache and all. 

uncle chris and grandpa scott came for dinner.
one of them rode their motorcycle. 

asher could talk of nothing else. 
please let me ride. 
i ride your motorcycle. 
mama said no. 

saturday was launder the linens day.
abby took this to mean that jumping on the bed was perfectly acceptable.
also, the fact that i took pictures instead of telling her to stop.
she was having such a ball that she decided. . .
"Daddy should sleep with Bubba and you should sleep with me and this could just be our play bed!!"
daddy definitely won't go for that.

popcorn and a movie turned in to popcorn and a nap.
for asher.

sunday we went to get some trees.
the littles and i picked out our favorite flowers while daddy did all the heavy lifting.

we also chased some butterflies.

and almost caught one.


abby read to us on the way home.
i can't believe she is already reading.
i also can't believe she is reading while in the car.
that makes me sick just thinking about it.

there was also a baby shower for a sweet friend.
some painting and furniture moving.
and lots of family time.

how's that for a blessed sunday?