Monday, December 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

It was pajama day at school.
Abby thought that was the most fun.
I thought it was funny that she changed out of the jams she slept in last night to these to wear to school. 

Aid has late start on Monday (they start at 10:30am).
A little brother time to build and bond.

I was doing laundry in my bedroom.
Asher was making messes as fast as I could clean them.
Too bad this basket isn't a little deeper I might be able to keep in one spot for more than a second.  

The pros of owning an older house is that it has character.
The cons are that little things are always going wrong.
Thank goodness Adam is pretty handy.
I picked up these two from school and took them to the farm for lunch.
Happy Meals and Pappy makes for all kinds of smiles.

Winter, I love you.

 I got to be a part of a birthday countdown for one of my loveliest girlfriends.

Cleaning out my purse.
I have enough lip gloss to last a lifetime.

Christmas lights are one of my favorite things.
This neighborhood was super festive.
Every house except one had a ginormous gingerbread man in their front lawn.
It made me giggle out loud.

Nothing is much better than walking in from work and dinner being ready.
I love myself a crock pot.

This sweet idea of your day in photos is the baby of this sweet blog
You can see more there.
Play along next month. . . it is pretty fun. 


Annagirl said...

Darn I forgot to set a reminder to do this again :) looks like a fun day! I love Abs jammies!! And the large lawn decorations make me giggle too! Thanks for the sweet gift today!

Holly said...

Cutest kids EVER. My favorite picture is the boy in the it!

everydaymomma said...

I will beat you under the table in a ridiculous lip gloss hoarding competition ;) the crock pot and I are bff's forever and your kids are way too cute, I wanna go to McDonald's and then to a farm, super jealous! And every single time we had pj day I changed into a fresh pair before school:)

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

Great set!
PJ´s day at school?? Sounds lovely...

Kisses and blessings.
(participating from Brazil!!!)

missy@What'sGoingOnHere?! said...

I want that recipe. I need some crockpot relief.