Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phone Photos

Just the little moments in life captured. . .

Abby and Olivia.
 Olivia looks thrilled.

"I just love it when this little, sassy human wants to hug/hold/touch me." - Livvy

Bubba at dinner.
He looks little in this photo.
Just how I like him.

He will be double digits in ten days. 
I am not ok with this. 

Tank and Otto.
These dogs are two of the three sweet bebes of my friend Bek.
I love Bek.
And I love her dogs.

When Abby wakes up before me she likes to crawl in my bed and snuggle.
This is the face I wake up next to.

Anna and I had lunch a few weeks ago.
I don't see her nearly enough.
In addition to being beautiful she is a blessing to me. 

My lovely friend Britt sent this to me.
Amazing and true.

This little girl won't eat dinner.
I sent this photo to Adam and told him not to be surprised if she was still sitting there when he got home.

Took the bebes to see the fish at the saltwater fish store in our local mall.
Our mall is always empty.
Except the day when I wore my yoga pants and didn't wash my hair.
Abby dressed herself and had on crazy shoes.
Asher had drool all over his shirt.
That day we saw a dozen people I knew.
Super awesome.

Took this during church one Sunday.
My mom and dad holding hands.

I love these people. 

Maui me.

Made these little fabric covered cans for Valentines Day.
Filled them with candy and gave them away.

Adam in Maui.
This is the screen saver on my phone.
Even if he looks super mad to be on a tropical island with the wife of his dreams. 

I wish I could tap my heels together and be here.
Right now. 

Grandma Karmen taught Asher to say Ho Ho Ho like Santa.
I'm sure when she did she wasn't thinking that her youngest son would use it for evil.
Well, he did.

Abby asleep with her giraffe.

Lava flow.
My drink of choice whilst on the island holiday.

Abby and Jules at the Matilda Jane Show.
Love those faces.

The flowers outside our condo.
Pink and lovely.

Sleeping babe.

Me and my Asher Man.

I told him he looked like a jet fighter pilot.
Made it a little less painful to be at the dentist for his first cavity.

After he saw the photo he pointed out to me he looked nothing like a jet fighter pilot. 
The masks cover their mouths. 
And he would need aviator sunglasses on. 
Details, details. 

 Thank goodness for that handy little phone.
I wouldn't want to miss any of these moments. 


Katrina said...

I love your "slice of life" posts, Ada! Your heart is clearly a full one. :)

Annagirl said...

I love camera phones! They are always handy! I take SO many pictures with them.Some so random they never get shown, sometimes I look through them and think of fond memories. I love that you shared them with us! And I'm glad I made it into one of them :)